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::: New Marketing Plan

Internal implementation of new marketing plan. This change extends into the success of our clients. We are excited to have this new dimension.

That's what you'll have to say to your customers if you leave out your marketing plan during website design.

May this situation never happen to your business. Too many executives learn the hard way about how much their website is worth to them. Often the website is all the customer sees before they make a decision to contact your staff. Let us give them a compelling reason to do so. That's why it is simply not enough to just have a website.

There must be a very clear plan of action. The website ought to be more than a fancy animated brochure. If there is no greater value for the visitor than to read a brochure and contact a sales person, it is often the last you will hear from him/her. Remember: on the web, the visitor is only a click away from leaving your website for good. There must be sufficient reasons for him/her to stay and/or come back again and again.

The Web Design Corner

Don't forget your website is a global storefront for your business that is open 24/7. That is why it is imperative to have the right look without all the hype. It is important that it reflects your business. Many web designers will give you an exciting look, but do they help you understand the business value of your site?

The Marketing Corner

How is your outside perception as it relates to your inside reality? There is more to marketing than "awareness" advertisement. We are excited to incorporate this new strategy into our marketing plan as well as helping our clients achieve measurable results with their computing technology business innovation.

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